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Quality charter

Quality through experience

Comfort, authenticity and high quality are the hallmarks of our Swiss house. Many baby gifts are handmade or have handmade finishes or personalisations. We offer a unique know-how that combines creativity and modernity, a choice of materials, design and colours to suit all tastes and styles and enchant everyone. With our small team, Petite Année creates beautiful gifts that will be remembered.

Our workshop

Our design and manufacturing workshop, is based in Switzerland, near Zurich. It is composed exclusively of local craftsmen, seamstresses and embroiderers. It breathes and captures the spirit of the Little Year now and in the future. All embroidery is made in our workshop, on the day or days following your order, as are all dummy ties, rattles and all bespoke items. The workshop works to make you unique handmade baby gifts.

It is in this workshop that Petite Année's collections are created and its reputation for excellence. Please note that the artisanal dimension of our company and our production allows us to offer only a limited number of items for each collection. So if you fall in love with a model, be quick and know that most of our items are only produced for a limited time.

Product quality

Quality is more important than anything else in our house, because we offer durable baby gifts.

Our online shop offers a handpicked selection of baby clothes, shoes, accessories and toys, all the essentials and some exceptional pieces for magical gifts.

Today, all our baby clothes are made of cotton certified by OEKO-TEX® according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, as well as most of our baby accessories such as our blankets and bath linen. We are offering more and more organic cotton products, such as special collections of eco-friendly brands for sustainable gifts. We want to continue on this path in the coming years.

We select the brands we offer with great care and strict criteria. We look at the way they produce (working conditions), the materials, their impact and their commitments and values as a brand. We prefer committed brands that support protected species, nature, biodiversity and education.

We showcase our own Swiss brand and some local artisan products that we work with for handmade baby gifts. Also some other brands, mainly European, that respect our values, respect people and respect the planet. Discover our simple pieces, our diverse designs, traditional and poetic, romantic and contemporary shapes, soft and comfortable fabrics, natural and organic materials, playful or more traditional and soft colours, an inspiration that combines tradition and modernity for handmade baby gifts, authentic and durable.